The Wooden Ship from Bonerate

By Unknown - Maret 08, 2017

Bonerate is the capital of pasimarannu, located in Kepulauan selayar. Boneraten have been producing the wooden ship for many decades. They were called it “Bangka” or ”Lambo”  and they regarded that long time ago the wooden ship was brought by Butonese to the island.

Approximately in 1910 Boneraten had started to made the ship for commercial purposes, on which it used as a means of trading. In this region, ship plays many roles and actually supports the economic growth for thousands inhabitants in the island. The ship production closely related to livelihood such as the sailor, fisherman, and the trader.
In the Last of 1970s or the first 1980s ships with capacities 100 - 200 grade tons (GT) were requested by businessmen from East Java, for trading purposes on the large sailing routes, that was from Surabaya to Moluccas and Timor. Thats activities also involve the sailors from Bonerate as the captain and crew.
As Broch Said that the men in the island were absent in some social events. I might be turned as a fisherman If I had already born at that time. In fact most of the men were spent on the sea for months and years.
Three years ago i was made small research, which it related to their belief system on making ship. Based on their knowledge, trust and experiences, i believe that its informations would be helpful to make this project completed.
# Making Ship is the indigenous skills
# Te Simbi’a, Materials preparation and its mysthical aspect
# Te Ompu’a, the Second ritual Ceremony in making ship
# Soro’a, The final ceremony

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